GRIN Free – Find Yourself

Freedom, like health, comes in degrees.

Identifying allergies can help improve health—it can empower you to flourish and to protect your loved-ones. You can similarly improve freedom by identifying vulnerabilities to manipulation. Different people have different vulnerabilities to isolation, distraction, discomfort, temptation, and depression/despair, for example.  Good management, counseling, marriage, and parenting all improve freedom by empowering people to discover such aspects of themselves.  Self-awareness is the cornerstone of self-help and healthy relationships.

Take the GRIN Self-Quiz (GRINSQ) to discover more about your own nature, and share it with your loved-ones to increase your sensitivity to theirs.  The GRINSQ is based on the four main branches of evaluative diversity:

Natural Gadfly: Aimed at discovery – guided by creativity
Naturally Relational: Aimed at love – guided by empathy
Naturally Institutional: Aimed at purity – guided by best practices
Natural Negotiator: Aimed at results – guided by research

People typically have difficulty recognizing constraints on their freedom because they try to follow role-models who have a different nature.  You need to be yourself, so you need to discover who you are.  The fight for real freedom, for GRIN-freedom, can be won only by each person for him or herself.

If you would like to help others win their fight, please Join the Movement or help advance our understanding of Diversity Management.