Find Yourself – Free GRIN Self-Quiz

The GRIN Self-Quiz (GRINSQ) has been released into the public domain.  Take the quiz at, and get your results instantly at no charge.  You can share your results or keep them completely confidential—it’s entirely up to you.

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The GRIN Self-Quiz is intended to supplement other measures of evaluative diversity (e.g. genetic tests, behavioral tests, functional MRI, professional interviews, etc.), by providing initial screening at very low cost: just the  two-minutes it takes to make twenty-four pairwise choices.  

As the site says, “Freedom is Personalized,” which means that your freedom, as well as that of your loved-ones and coworkers, depends upon self-awareness.  The self-quiz was developed to make freedom as free as possible by giving all English-speaking internet users access to a powerful tool for discovering the central ways they differ from each other.

Distributing a link to the quiz is an obvious first step for any manager or parent seeking to honor evaluative diversity in their team or family.  We can begin to understand the ways we may discriminate against each other only after we recognize the ways we differ.

Like ecosystem managers who protect biodiversity even before most species have been identified, social leaders can begin to protect evaluative diversity right now via practical tools like the GRIN Self-Quiz.  Stay tuned at for more to come.